Hello Vegboxers ?
As you all know I am an avid gardener and any of my spare time is spent in my garden growing produce for you at home. However, in all honesty, I still have lot to learn in terms of plant varieties, scientific terms, amongst others, so I’ve taken it upon myself to start brushing up on my general knowledge and it’s amazing what I’m learning! For instance, did you know that the variety of baby spinach that I have been selling actually has some very special qualities? Well neither did I, so I did some research and found some amazing information. It is actually one of the oldest varieties of spinach that you can find and its scientific name is actually Monstrueux de Viroflay, “Monstrous Viroflay” or Winter/True Spinach in Layman’s terms. It is actually a French Heirloom variety that originates back to the 16th century. It is therefore not genetically modified like the typical baby spinach you’d find today. It is one of the most nutrient dense varieties you can find, however it grows best in cooler weather so unfortunately won’t be available during the summer months but be rest assured that during our next winter season it will be growing in abundance here in the garden. Who knew veggies could be so fascinating! 🙂
We also have a fresh delivery of free range chicken products from The Shed so be sure to grab your favourites while stocks last 🙂


This weeks’ deliveries are as follows:
Mooi River, Rosetta & Nottingham Road – THURSDAY 3RD OCTOBER 2019
Howick & Hilton – FRIDAY 4TH OCTOBER 2019

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