Hello Vegboxers 😊

It’s finally the holiday season! I always love this time of year because it’s for family, friends and great food! The year starts to wind down, it’s the time to start crossing those last few T’s and dotting those last I’s, and by this, I mean, organising gifts and the last bit of planning for lunches and dinners. Whether it’s a sophisticated dinner or a casual family braai, we have got you covered. Have you thought of those roasts you’d like to order yet? Well you still have 2 weeks so don’t delay; they’ll be up on our list this week for you to order 🙂
This week we also have our beautiful gift sets available this week, ranging from R184 to R415. They are all made from natural oils, beeswax, essential oils, flower extracts and a few other lovely ingredients. The products range from bath salts, soaps, lip balms, body balms, an essentials trio to beeswax candles. All good for your skin and good for the environment.
Just a reminder that we only have 2 weeks left as we will be closing on the 20th of December.


This weeks’ deliveries are as follows:
Mooi River, Rosetta & Nottingham Road – THURSDAY 5th DECEMBER 2019
Howick & Hilton – FRIDAY 6TH DECEMBER 2019

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