Hello Vegboxers ?
We hope you are all keeping warm in this sudden cold snap. It’s been lovely getting a little bit of moisture on the garden, the plants have struggled in the heat.
We would like to ask you, our wonderful customers, for some healthy and wholesome recipes to share with us so we can add them to our website  I always love the thought of people sharing recipes and food ideas together because it’s a chance to learn and incorporate different ideas and cooking styles into our sometimes, monotonous, cooking routine.
Some exciting news this week, we have finally received our online link for our Farmers Weekly article that came out some weeks back. Please go onto it and have a read, it really is a lovely representation of what we do here at The Vegbox 

Online Veggie Box company brings consumers closer to the farm

This weeks’ deliveries are as follows:
Mooi River, Rosetta & Nottingham Road – THURSDAY 26th SEPTEMBER 2019
Howick & Hilton – FRIDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2019

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