Sweet Lemon Puree

Sweet Lemon Puree


3 – 4 lemons
2 cups sugar

Scrub lemons clean
Leave peel on, slice off both tip ends of each lemon, and quarter lemon lengthwise

With kitchen scissors, cut out the center interior pith running the length of the lemon quarter.

Remove seeds, which is easy now, since cutting the center pith releases them.

Cut quarters in half and place in food processor with two cups of sugar

Pulse until chopped into small pieces.

Turn the food processor on for 2-3 minutes until lemon mixture is a thick puree.

Pour lemon-sugar puree into a jar or ziploc bag, leaving about half an inch air space from the top.

Pop a lid on each jar, tighten and freeze.

The puree doesn’t freeze solid, but instead stays spoonable. So, should you need a dollop of fresh lemon flavor, reach for the freezer.

Use for cake topping, sweet lemon pie, yoghurt, ice cream, sauces for savoury dishes


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July 11, 2016

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