The joy of discovering a new, delicious vegetable …

Oct 23, 2017 | 0 comments

What Is Kohlrabi?

The joy of discovering a new, delicious vegetable doesn’t usually happen. However, there’s a crisp, crunchy (and rather odd-looking) member of the cabbage family that’s begging for a place on your table right now.

You may have seen this knobby vegetable lurking around veg section in the grocery shops , but if not, we now have in stock —take this opportunity to get more acquainted with kohlrabi (if you aren’t already, of course).

This week’s recipe will be Sautéed kohlrabi with onion and cream which you could enjoy with Chicken, pork or steak….


2 days ago

The Veg Box Company - Eastvale Farm

Who's ready to braai? Watch this video (lick your lips) and you will definitely develop braai tendencies.

Jan Braai
It's National Braai Day! Unite around a fire, share our heritage and wave our flag! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day with friends, family and fellow South Africans. If you're having a braai today, please upload some photos onto the public wall of this page.
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