Hello Vegboxers 😊

We have some lovely new additions this week. We have sourced salt and pepper from our friends at Oryx Salt Company. Each comes in a lovely ceramic grinder. They are a staple of any household, so it was an obvious choice for us to add to our product range. The next little treasure we have created is sundried tomatoes, steeped in Romesco olive oil, with a few sprigs of thyme to give them a slightly different flavour. They are wonderful paired with a pasta dish or in a salad 
We hope all our new additions are a positive add on to our range 

Kind Regards,
Lauren Murphy x

This weeks’ deliveries are as follows:
Maritzburg, Hilton & Howick – THURSDAY 9th JULY 2020
Rosetta, Nottingham Road, Balgowan & Surrounds – FRIDAY 10th JULY 2020 (R30 Delivery Fee)

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