Hello Vegboxers 😊

We are so happy with how this last weeks’ deliveries went. Everything ran smoothly, the way it should be!
So we will be continuing with the new format going forward to ensure convenience and simplicity for our
customers. Deliveries will remain over two days.
And Now! Some exciting new products have come aboard, items that I’m sure everybody will love!
Firstly, we have found a hidden gem in Winterton, Morningside Farm. They make the most sublime,
traditional, just how gran used to make, farm style salted butter. It is made using traditional methods, using
pasture fed milk. Free of preservatives, which is important to know, as this butter must be kept in the fridge
to ensure it stays fresh. And get this, they also make your staple and oh so yummy yellow cheddar cheese.
Perfect for a quick toasted sandwich, a pasta dish and more! Something else we’ve found, which is just
beyond scrumptious, are Sourdough Bread Loaves! Made at Farside Farm, a beautiful venue right here in the
midlands. It is woodfired, baked to order and simply divine! Orders for a loaf must be made by the close of
We have also been featured on the food24 which is amazing!
Remember that orders now must be in by 13:00pm on Tuesdays.

Kind Regards,
Lauren Murphy x

This weeks’ deliveries are as follows:
Maritzburg, Hilton & Howick – THURSDAY 21st MAY 2020
Rosetta, Nottingham Road, Balgowan & Surrounds – FRIDAY 22nd MAY 2020 (R30 Delivery Fee)

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