Dairy + Eggs

Dairy + Eggs

Longshadow Farm are the suppliers of the cheeses and yoghurts, based in the Kamberg Valley, Using milk from a neighbouring farm, Craig and his family churn out delicious products, ranging from camembert to double thick yoghurt!

Free Range Farm Eggs are produced by an array of hens on the farm here at Eastvale, as well as a local producer in the Fort Nottingham area.
All hens are well cared for and are ‘free to roam’ during the day. They are then tucked in at dusk, so as to get a good nights rest.

Firle Farm produce the milk and cream. They are a family farm running about 200 cattle. They supply a commercial dairy co-op therefore the milk is tested regularly to meet all the required standards.
The milk is fresh from the farm therefore unpasteurised and non-homogenised.
You can pasteurise the milk before consuming it should you feel the need. Just bring it to the boil, then allow to cool completely.
The cream is double thick and simply the best!

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